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It was pleasure as a part of MITOcare GmbH to design these unique drinks which are better and healthier than any other energy/ power drink. MITO Drink became official drink of ELF (European League of Football).

Energy Drink CORRIDA

One of the projects which I am most proud of. Corrida is a domestic (BiH) energy drink for which I had pleasure to develop the whole Brand. When I say Brand, I mean, logo, packaging, web design, advertising and so on.


Flyer are most used way of print communication. You can check out below some of the flyers which I did in the past. New ones will be posted individually.


Billboard for an even called “Djeciji sajam” which was held in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Billboard for Okaidi (Bosnia and Herzegovina) advertising. Billboard for Makbel Guma.